What’s happening to my waistline!

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Why can’t you shift that spare tire.


Reader Question: “I’m moderately active and not really had a problem with my weight before? So why on earth does it feel that fat is creeping up from my behind to my stomach. I can’t get rid of this spare tire no matter how much I try!

Jill Replies: No its not you, it doesn’t matter how much you try and keep the weight off with diet and lifestyle if your hormones are unbalanced it could very well mean an increase in weight round the stomach. As we approach menopause, our bodies chemical make up changes. Our bodies produce less oestrogen and progesterone which for many women causes them to develop insulin resistance.

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How insulin resistance affects your weight

This forces the body to produce more insulin to push the necessary amount of sugar to the cells. A combination of insulin resistance with body’s need to produce more of it, leads to an accumulation of dangerous belly fat called visceral fat. To add to the negative affects of insulin resistance, the presence of higher levels of insulin makes it harder for the body to burn that fat. Furthermore since the body is gradually losing estrogen levels, the weight decreases in the hip and buttocks areas, creating the shift that most women experience during menopause.

What can I do?

  • To start with write down what your ideal weight would be
  • Think about upping your activity levels every so slightly
  • Find out if you have a hormonal imbalance

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