Have you lost your vagina, or has it lost you?

Now there’s a question!

I often hear women say there is no cure for a dry vagina, but there is, I tell them! You do not have to lose your vagina and it does not have to lose you. Which is the first to go, you or it? To tell you the truth, they leave together.

When you are in perimenopause you may suddenly find that your vagina has taken a trip to Dubai, to the dried out sands of the dessert. With vaginal dryness, sex hurts, so you run away and hide inside yourself, you don’t want it anymore, preferring to eat an ice cream and watch a movie or even clean the house. It and you leave together, but it doesn’t have to be like that, we can fix it together.

In perimenopause I remember going from doctor to doctor with my litany of symptoms, in the hope that someone could take them away, and very importantly, also fix my dry vagina. I know it is hard to admit, but it happens to the best of us, luckily we can now do something about it, without the risks involved.

The only things these doctors could offer was a pat on the back, synthetic HRT (hormone replacement therapy), antidepressants, and the reassurance that it would pass, advising me that age was something I had better get used to. Well, taking synthetic HRT was definitely not an option, especially with all the risk factors involved – breast cancer and heart disease.

I wanted to scream

As I sat there, in front of those doctors who calmly smiled down on me, I felt a wave of incredible anger come over me – I wanted to scream! How dare they be so smug, and tell me it would pass, and age was something I had better get used to? How dare they? This was not the answer I was looking for. I wanted all of these life-destroying symptoms to stop and I definitely wanted my functional vagina back! Guess what? I got it back.

When hormones are balanced, and your female hormones oestrogens and progesterone are within the correct ratios, you feel feminine again, sexy again, your juices flow better.

Oestrogens soften the cervix and produce the vaginal secretion that lubricates during intercourse, enhancing the quality of sexual pleasure. When the vagina is lubricated and there is sufficient blood flow to the genitals you will get youthful arousal, and strong orgasms will be the end result. Testosterone is also another important hormone involved in sexual pleasure, helping to boost your sex drive, your sexual arousal and sexual sensitivity. With its decline, you lose your imagination, your fantasy, and your sensitivity, all of which are part of a fantastic orgasm.

When there is an imbalance of hormones your vagina will suffer and so will you. You no longer have to ‘dry out’, balanced hormones and vaginal satisfaction go hand in hand.

Photo credit: JD Hancock, Desert Chase

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