What is the difference between ‘Biological vs Chronological Aging?

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Why does Elle Macpherson (age 50) look more like 30 and Helen Mirren (70) look like she is 50?

What is the difference between ‘Biological vs Chronological Aging?

Sergey Dzugan, MD, PhD, a former heart surgeon, professor, published cancer research scientist and world leader in Restorative Medicine is asked what is the difference between ‘Biological vs Chronological Aging?

Obviously genes, environment and lifestyle are very important to your health but “restoring the most powerful agents, hormones is what really matters. As Dr Dzugan explains, it is the hormones who are really in charge.” Watch Dr Dzugan explain why not everything should be treated by drugs, we need to help the body. Want to know more? Watch the video and read my book, The Menopause Cure; Hormonal Health, written with Sergey Dzugan, MD, PhD.


For the readers, what is the difference between chronological and biological age?

A simple way to explain it. Chronological age is how many years you have spent on this earth. Biological age is a complex set of signs that show (in how you look) what is going on with your body, your physiology, environment and biochemistry. So – many people who say “I am 55” (but they look like 75). And the opposite, some people who are 75 who look like 55.

What are the major contributing factors that would cause a person to have a biological age older than their chronological age?

They are several factors. Environment plays a big role, what you eat, diet and exercise. But, the problem is, we can stand on our head, drink carrot juice and do a lot of exercise and use any kind of diet. But unfortunately, until you restore hormones you will get decline. Hormones play a crucial role in keeping you metabolism in good shape. As soon as you lose balance between building hormones and destructive hormones you will start to have problems.

The hormone balance (or lack of) is the primary reason a person would have an older biological age?

You can do excessive exercise, have a healthy lifestyle and be a pure vegetarian but nothing will work or help until you restore youthful levels of the most powerful agents, hormones. They are in charge, they communicate with each single cell.

Disease then is a consequence of an imbalance of hormones… which is a major factor in biological aging?

Yes, that is correct. If you take the main causes of death in the United States, first two place belong to heart disease and cancer. This problem usually happens after age 40. More than 95% of people with Cancer or Heart Disease are over the age of 40, the age in which our hormones take a sharp decline. Talking about homeostasis, our body trys to fix immediately if we have any imbalances anywhere, but when you do not have enough of these building forces (hormones) you start to decline.  Hormone levels are the main cause of the body’s deterioration. Your metabolism is really slow, your absorption is really slow. That is why we talk about physiology of medicine because not everything should be treated by drugs. We need to respect what our body does.

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