Reasons not to follow the new guidelines for HRT

Fifty six articles and we’re still counting the number of articles proclaiming HRT to be safe based on the new NICE guidelines.

I am wondering how such information can be so ‘superficially’ pushed around to promote HRT for menopausal women, when there is no clear evidence that it does not cause cancer.

As previously discussed, the drug company-funded PR campaign to encourage HRT in October used an unpublished study to support its claims. The pharmaceutical / PR spin supporting wider prescribing of HRT in the UK used a study that is not valid. This particular study looked at body composition, and where women had accumulated fat, if they put on weight during their course of HRT, rather than cancer.

On the other hand, a major, and long-term study, the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study in the US, along with the Million Women study in the UK, clearly demonstrates that the risks – breast and ovarian cancer, along with heart disease – greatly out weight any benefits synthetic HRT may offer.

Is HRT really worth the risk?

The WHI study clearly demonstrates that HRT does cause breast cancer, but does not produce the supposed benefits such as protection against cardiovascular disease (and actually increases CVD risk), stroke, or cognitive loss. Neither did it improve mood or sexual satisfaction – although it did help with hot flushes and night sweats – is it really worth the risk?

After only four years of taking Prempro (HRT) women showed a 26% increase in invasive breast cancer, and what is worse, the cancers that occurred in the 26% were slightly larger and more advanced, and were more likely to spread to nearby lymph nodes. Again, is it really worth it?

Who are they to say, “Go ahead dear, take HRT, your quality of life will be better.” It won’t! You might not have it anymore.

It’s our body!

It is our body, we are the only ones that can protect ourselves. We need a menopause mentor – someone that tells you the true facts. Lays it straight on the line.

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