Pregnenolone is important for weight loss, sex drive, energy and vitality.

What is Pregnenolone?

Pregnenolone is manufactured in the adrenal glands and as with all hormones, pregnenolone declines with age.

With insufficient pregnenolone symptoms such as feeling tired, being unable to cope in stressful situations, and having a lack of energy and enthusiasm, can occur. As pregnenolone is a top-of-the-range hormone, being the first hormone to be produced from cholesterol, it affects all the other hormones in the cascade.

Symptoms of low levels of Pregnenolone.

When levels are below optimal, it will create a myriad of other symptoms including;

  • low blood pressure and dizziness,
  • joint pains,
  • frequent urination,
  • cravings for salty foods,
  • a loss of underarm and pubic hair,
  • depression,
  • increased risk of infections, among other things.

Many restorative doctors use pregnenolone to correct low levels of progesterone as it boosts these low levels naturally, and in turn, will also, help to correct the progesterone/oestrogens ratio.

Why is Pregnenolone so important?

Pregnenolone is known for its memory boosting features and is sometimes known as the ‘memory hormone’. It is found in the brain in high concentrations and enhances concentration, improves memory, and is a key player in mood control. When there are insufficient levels, memory problems and poor concentration will occur. Low levels of pregnenolone, in the elderly, have been associated with dementia.

Pregnenolone is important for weight loss, sex drive, energy and vitality.

It is all to do with balance!

Keeps levels at optimal!