Jill D. Davey

Jill D. Davey


Jill D Davey, Restorative/Functional Health & BHRT educator and advocate, author of two books – ‘The Menopause Cure: Hormonal Health’, and ‘The Cholesterol Puzzle – The Hormone Connection’.

Hi, my name is Jill Davey, I am the woman behind menopausewoman.com site and Facebook page.  At menopausewoman.com we have been helping menopausal woman live their best life since 2014. To see what some of our customers think click here. 

My personal mission is to inspire, educate and empower women through the transitions of menopause, and show them that life can definitely be fantastic at any age when we have the right tools. 

This is the time of life when we can truly be at our best. With a world full of experience behind us, and a mature and sophisticated mind, that has passed from naivety to greatness, menopause is certainly not the time to lose all this positivity wisdom, and strength.

Unfortunately, though, many women do, they lose their raison d’être, their confidence, and their tranquility. They suffer from various life-destroying menopausal symptoms, both mentally and physically. The majority of us get lost in a network of hormonal decline, which the passage of time brings upon us. Yet, truth be known, it doesn’t have to be like this…ever!

There is no getting away from menopause, we all have to go through it, but with the right help and education we can come out on the other side of the tracks with a smile on our face. Life can be good at 50, 60, 70, 80 and even 90 or 100.

This is why I am so passionate about educating women on the transitions of menopause [perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause]. Helping them to understand that menopause is not a setback but a new beginning.

Knowing how these transitions affect their body and mind is only part of the process. Until we truly understand how our body works we cannot begin to understand ourselves or how to deal with these changes. It is through education that I want to encourage and inspire women to take responsibility for their health.

My personal goal is to lead them upwards to a pathway of health and positive longevity, and onto a new lease of life that they can look forward to (rather than fear), as they age. I believe the key to longevity and a youthful healthspan, is to understand your own body and how it functions. From there, we can change our mind-set and health-set, and avoid many, many menopausal symptoms, and the following step…illness and chronic disease.

I love life and know there is always a solution to every problem. In a few words, I am positive, lively, vibrant, energetic, and happy.

I began researching restorative/functional medicine and bioidentical hormone restorative therapy (BHRT) when I wasn’t that happy – menopause hit me like a car hits a brick wall. I was no longer the person I had once been. I lost my love of life…I just couldn’t cope. I am sure many of you know the feeling and can resonate with me.

Bioidentical hormones saved my life…I got it back 200%!. So, here I am for you…an information point. I want you to get your life back on track…and keep it there. I want you to enjoy your menopause and your life to the fullest. I want you to stay forever healthy.

More About Me

I am a member of A4M (American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine), the WOSAAM (World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine), and the IHS (International Hormone Society.

I’ve attended numerous international conferences around the globe for over a decade now. During these conferences, I met and spoke with many doctors, some of which I then worked with. These doctors/physicians are some of the world’s most respected experts in restorative/functional medicine and bioidentical hormone restorative therapy (BHRT). I love each and every one of them for educating me and allowing me to pass this truly-needed knowledge on to you. I hope you enjoy it.

I am the author of two books, written together with a world-renowned doctor of restorative/functional medicine. ‘The Menopause Cure – Hormonal Health’, and ‘The Cholesterol Puzzle – The Hormone Connection’.

I was born in the North East of England, and have lived in Italy since 1987. I am a wife, mother of two grown-up boys, and the co-owner of several small businesses in Europe.

For approximately 27 years, I helped grow and build a family business from a small affair into a successful international company that exports throughout Europe and other countries including the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, and China. I also helped the business to grow into a socially conscious company with a great CSR policy that looks after its employees on and off-site. I now focus all my passion on menopausewoman.

I have always written as a hobby and I studied fashion here in Italy to become a fashion designer. I design my clothes to keep me on the ‘up’! Fashion is now my second passion…educating women (and men) on how to stay healthy is now my first.