Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Menopause and fluctuating hormones levels have got a lot to answer for, and hair loss is one of them. Unfortunately, in menopause, hair loss or thinning hair is a common occurrence and probably the most noticeable. Hair is so important to we women, it is part of our femininity and sexuality, it makes us feel good, and helps us feel more attractive.

There are two major hormones involved in the growth or loss of hair; oestrogens and testosterone. Both these hormones decline with age, along with all the other steroid hormones (over 60 steroid hormones) that are produced from cholesterol. Only thing is, in women, oestrogens decline more than testosterone, leading to higher levels of testosterone to that of oestrogens – leaving us with the symptoms of androgen dominance.

This imbalance can cause not only hair loss and thinning hair, but can also lead to the growth of facial hair. Beware of that moustache! Oestrogens keeps our hair healthy, thick and glowing, a decline has the opposite effect.

It doesn’t have to be like this; restore you body and obtain ‘body balance’ and optimal health!

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