Urinary Tract Problems

Urinary Tract Problems

Many women experience ‘urogenital’ problems in menopause, but they usually occur more often in older women (postmenopause). These problems include vaginal discomfort, dryness, incontinence and cystitis. Some women find it difficult to talk about these intimate problems with friends, let alone breakout an open discussion with their doctor or nurse. If you are experiencing any of these issues with your vagina, restorative medicine can correct them, along with myriad of other symptoms and related problems that occur in menopause.

You are not the only one with these problems! They are commonplace in menopause, but we no longer have to accept them. They can now be easily resolved when you restore your body to optimum, with the use of bioidentical hormones – no risk factors involved.

Vaginal dryness, soreness and painful sex

When oestrogens decline, the skin and supporting tissues around your vulva and vagina become drier and thinner, and less elastic, which leaves the vaginal walls more susceptible to infection and irritation, and makes sexual intercourse painful and uncomfortable.

Vaginal dryness, also know as ‘vaginal atrophy’, is commonplace in menopause. When levels of oestrogens are low, vaginal tissue becomes atrophic. When hormones are restored and balanced you can avoid all these problems and, at the same time, protect yourself from illness and age-related chronic disease.

Recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI)

Women of all ages can suffer from urinary problems such as cystitis. In menopause, vaginal acidity declines, along with oestrogen(s) levels, so women tend to get more urinary tract infections after menopause because of this. The conventional way of dealing with UTI is to prescribe antibiotics, but this only leads to a ‘vicious cycle’ situation.

“Antibiotics may kill off the original ‘bug’ for a time, but they also kill off essential microorganisms that live in the vagina and urinary tract that perform many important natural functions. Antibiotics do nothing to restore a healthy vagina and urinary tract, nor do they restore normal acidity of the vagina or the friendly bacteria that once lived there. They only exacerbate the situation.”

You do not have to accept urinary tract infections as just another part of menopause or of the ageing process. Neither do you need to get caught up in a ‘vicious cycle syndrome’ of more antibiotics followed by a run of antifungal drugs. Restoring your body with bioidentical hormones gets to the root cause, helping to regenerate and repair the urinary tract tissue, and making it more difficult for bacteria to penetrate the walls of the bladder.

Stress incontinence

Stress incontinence is when you involuntary leak urine when you cough, sneeze, exercise, jump or even laugh…or dance. This is due to a weakened muscle in the bladder and urethra (the tube that releases urine out of the body). In menopause oestrogen(s) levels decline; the overall health and strength of these muscles are dependent on balanced oestrogen(s) levels. When there is low oestrogen(s) levels we get the ‘leak’! Also, total pelvic muscle sheet weakness is due to an anabolic hormone deficiency. When these hormones are restored to optimum, normal blood flow to the urinary tissue and muscles that sustain and regulate the urinary frame are also restored.

Restoring our body with bioidentical hormones can very easily treat and even prevent this common urinary tract problem. “No more sanitary towels needed or patented medication that cause more problems than they solve, and definitely no need for surgery. Restore your body.”

It doesn’t have to be like this; restore you body and obtain ‘body balance’ and optimal health!