The Cholesterol Puzzle: The Hormone Connection By Jill D Davey with Dr S. Dzugan


Understand how to resolve high cholesterol, achieve optimal health and slow the aging process

What's inside?

The Cholesterol Puzzle

The Cholesterol Puzzle – Understand how to resolve high cholesterol, achieve optimal health and slow the ageing process

This book gives you a new angle on the word ‘cholesterol’.

It explains how the heart functions and what really causes heart disease.

You will learn how to treat it, prevent it and, importantly, how to resolve it…naturally.

This brilliant book arms professionals and laymen alike with a personal understanding of their health and how cholesterol has been hijacked as the bad guy in the face of massive research to the contrary. Together Dr Dzugan and Jill D. Davey offer a definitive guide on how to regain control of your health. It opens up a whole new world of truth and logic that will empower everyone to start taking control of their health and rethink the current destructive paradigm that often exists on the other side of the waiting room.

Despite the abundance of statins on the marketplace, cardiovascular disease is still the number-one killer in the Western world. Find out hoe restorative medicine – can solve the issue of high cholesterol – no statins involved. You will learn about the myriad of side effects statin drugs cause and, importantly, why they occur because of these drugs. It presents a reason why doctors should think ‘ten times’ before prescribing these drugs and why patients should think ‘twenty times’ before taking them.

This book is a must if cholesterol is a concern for you, a loved one, a friend, or if your physician has recommended statins. Get a second opinion and find out how to resolve high cholesterol naturally with bioidentical hormone restorative therapy and enhance your well-being 360 degrees.

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Verified Reviews From Amazon & Clients

Verified Reviews

Here are just some of the verified reviews the book has received on Amazon

  • The book has been an eye-opener: not only it shows that the whole cholesterol question is much more complex than the “bad-guy” dogma we have been spoon-fed, it also makes you realise that you should never take conventional medical knowledge and the pharmaceutical industry for granted. Read it, you will see things very differently by the end of it.


  • The Cholesterol Puzzle by Jill D. Davey and Sergey Dzugan MD PhD from Matador Publishing is very informative and makes you think about how our bodies actually work. This book is a wealth of information on today’s cholesterol crisis and the dangers of the statin drugs used to prevent heart disease believed to be caused by cholesterol. Cholesterol isn’t really a problem since the body needs cholesterol and statins are more harmful than a raised cholesterol level. Aging and our hormone levels affect cholesterol levels What’s high for one person may not be for another. With the use of bioidentical restorative hormone therapy, the body can be guided to optimal health. No easy answers in the book but valuable information and a solution for preventing heart disease with Dr Dzugan’s therapy.
    Thank you, Jill D. Davey, Sergey Dzugan MD PHD, Matador Publishing and Netgalley, for the complimentary copy.



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